CDs & Books

1. Audio CD on Alpha Music for Better Concentration – Rs.380/-

By listening to this soothing music, you reach alpha state of mind, Alpha state is nothing but the state of tranquility of mind. This background music can be heard anywhere and everywhere to enhance creativity. Recommended for students while studying, for better memory recall, and concentration. This music is specially designed scientifically to calm you down, to synchronize you from beta state of mind to alpha.

2. Audio CD on Assertiveness Training and Facing Criticism (Part 1 & 2) – Rs.750/-

If we cannot refuse the requests of others, others will run our life. There are many situations in life in which you wanted to say “NO” instead you said “YES” and suffered, and vice versa. This CD teaches you the techniques of managing your communications honestly without hurting others.

3. Audio CD on Attracting Prosperity – Rs.380/-

We are as rich as we think we are. The world is abundant in everything. It is only our limitation of thinking that makes us poor. This CD is all about projecting the thoughts and pictures of abundance on our sub-conscious mind. Any picture that is imprinted on the sub-conscious will become a reality shortly later. This cassette is a model for learning to visualize effectively. Listen to this CD at least once in two days for better results and prosperity.

4. Audio CD on Goal Setting – Rs.380/-

97% of the people don’t reach their goals because they don’t write them down. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. In this CD Dr. Bharath Chandra instructs you to use the available time to reach your cherished goals in life.

5. Audio CD on Time Management – Rs.380/-

Time is the one thing that is given to all of us in equal amounts but very badly misused. It is said that time is your life. If you waste time you waste your life. We cannot control time. We can only manage time.

6. Audio CD on How to Motivate Others – Rs.380/-

A very important factor in our lives, whether at office or at home is dealing with people, negotiating, reaching an understanding, agreements, striking deals and bargains day in and day out. If you want to become a winner, you must have considerable expertise in convincing others and influencing others. This program deals with how to get the other person to your way of thinking. Dr. Bharath Chandra, who is a master story teller, explains candidly various life situations to focus clearly on the spirit of the principle. If we are Winners we must be able to enroll others in to our projects, thereby enhancing our success.

7. Video CD on Improving Your Memory and Studying Skills – Rs.850/-

Memory is what you make it. The more you use it, the sharper it becomes. The more you trust it, the more it serves you. There is nothing called a bad memory or good memory. What exists is trained memory or untrained memory. In this CD, Dr. Bharath Chandra deals practically with various techniques of improving your memory.

What you study is not important, what you remember of what you have studied is important. Working harder is not important. Working sharper is pretty important. This

part deals with how to study, how long to study, when to study, how to manage difficult subjects, how to study for a longer time, and managing examination fear.

8. Audio CD on Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Rs.380/-

NLP makes impossible things possible. Practise these techniques in order to achieve certain desired goals.

9. Audio CD on Positive Mental Attitude – Rs.380/-

All of us operate through the glasses we have. If you have pessimistic glasses you see gloom everywhere. If you have optimistic glasses you see possibilities everywhere. This CD changes your glasses and the attitude towards the world.

10. Audio CD on Art of Effective Public Speaking – Rs.380/-

Presentation is an art as well as a science. Anything and everything can be presented in a better manner. This CD teaches you how to begin a speech and how to end the speech in a memorable way.

11. Audio CD on Relaxation and Stress Management – Rs.380/-

This audio book deals with time tested Jacobsons Relaxation, which is highly recommended for tension headaches, cramps and pains not responding to medical treatment. In this relaxation you have to tense your body first and then relax. Hence this relaxation is also called tension relaxation.

Normally we use the logical left-brain. Hence a large portion of our brain is unutilized. We only use 10% of our real potential. By practicing relaxation, we start using the unutilized other side of the brain – thus enhancing our potential. By practicing relaxation for about 20 minutes a day we can nullify the ill effects of stress on our body.

12. Audio CD on How to Develop Everlasting Relationships – Rs.380/-

This CD deals with the famous, time tested golden principles of human relations, as propounded by the world’s number one trainer Dale Carnegie, who wrote the important book “How to win friends and Influence people”. All successful people have wonderful relationships with others. By practicing the nine principles mentioned in this CD you become extremely popular and people fall in love with you. You look like a live magnet and as a by-product of people’s love, you become prosperous.m

13. Video CD on Ten Secrets of Success – Rs.380/-

Winners are not born. Winners are made. Winning is a habit. By repeatedly practicing winning habits we can become a winner in life. All winners have certain characteristics in common. Similarly, if you master certain habits, you are sure to become a WINNER. These habits are to be consciously acquired, subconsciously adhered to, and finally practiced. When you take care of these habits, success becomes mandatory. In this CD Dr. Bharath Chandra, a powerful trainer and behavioural therapist speaks on all the winning formulas.

14. Audio CD on Theory of Stress Management – Rs.380/-

Stress is a slow killer. In this program you will understand the basics of stress and factors producing stress, ill effects of stress, and broadly how to manage stress.

15. Video CD on Winners Workshop – Rs.380/-

A Video C.D. is available on Winners Workshop by Dr.Bharath Chandra (Documentary film). Time – 20 minutes.

16. Motivation Plus (Book containing Motivational stories and articles) – Rs.250/-

This book contains excellent motivational stories and articles which can be read by people of all ages.

17. Inspiration Plus (Book containing Motivational stories and articles) – Rs.250/-

This book contains excellent motivational stories and articles which can be read by people of all ages.

18. Injections (Book containing Motivational stories and articles) – Rs.250/-

This book contains excellent motivational stories and articles which can be read by people of all ages.

19. Inspiring Thoughts (Book containing Inspiring Thoughts) – Rs.150/-

This book contains 200 famous quotes of Dr.Bharath Chandra

20. Personal Finance Made Easy (Book) – Rs.250/-

This book contains numerous articles on various aspects of Personal Finance such as Stocks, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Tax Planning etc.

21. Exercises to Increase Height & Tips to Lose Weight – Rs.250/-

This book contains special exercises which will help children increase their height as well as tips for adults on how to lose and maintain the lost weight.

22. Dr.Bharath Chandra’s Weekly Organizer – Rs.200/-

This Weekly Organizer is specially designed to help you plan your week effectively. This Organizer helps you plan the tasks to be completed for the entire week. Our past record shows that people who follow this in a disciplined manner experience tremendous positive difference in their performance in life.

23. Dr.Bharath Chandra’s Rapid Reading Software for enhancing your Reading Speed – Rs.999/-

It is a Software which increases your Reading Speed by scientifically practicing to read passages at high speeds. This software is especially helpful for students to improve their reading speed and thereby reduce time spent on studying.

24. Audio CD on Personal Finance “Nimma Hana Namma Salahe” in Kannada – Rs.400/-

This is a CD in Kannada which contains 4 hours of audio on topics on Personal Finance such as Insurance, Stocks, Gold, Mutual Funds, Tax Planning etc.

26. Preraka Nudi Muttugalu (Book on Motivation in Kannada) – Rs.250/-

This book in Kannada contains excellent motivational stories and articles which can be read by people of all ages.

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