Bangalore Investors’ Forum

Bangalore Investors’ Forum

Dear Friends,

Good news!

A special Stock Market investor Forum called ‘Bangalore Investors Forum’ has been started under the guidance of Dr.Bharath Chandra in order to improve the Financial Literacy among its Institute Members and to get maximum benefit from investing in Stock Markets.

The Bangalore Investors’ Forum members will meet on the First Sunday of every month usually between 6.10 to 8.10 pm (or any other date which will be informed) to learn Wise Money Management Principles.

Guest Faculties will be called for some sessions to bring about awareness about new topics.

Some of the topics of the Monthly meetings will be as follows:

  1. One Time Investment Technique in Stock Markets

  2. SIP or Monthly Investments in Stock Markets

  3. Life Insurance Re-adjustment & Planning

  4. Health Insurance

  5. Short Term Trading to Earn Regular Income

  6. Effective Use of Internet for Research & Analysis

  7. How to decide Section 80C Investments

  8. Balancing Investments to Ideal Asset Allocation

Membership restricted to only First 250 members. Already 135 members have registered. 

Normal Membership Fee – Rs.1500/- (for 12 months) 

Special Offer for Membership Fees – Rs.1,200/- (Only if Paid during the First Meeting on 2 July 2017) (for 12 months) (Spouse is allowed Free). 

If membership fee is paid after 2 July, then the normal fees of Rs.1,500/- will apply. 

An Photo ID Card will be given for the Members. Hence carry your stamp size photograph for the meeting for affixing on ID Card.

First Meeting on 2 July (Sun) between 6.10 pm to 8.10 pm at Jain College, Off JC Road (by the side of Ravindra Kalakshetra), Bangalore.

(Please note that the above membership is only for participants of the Stock Market Workshop. During the first meeting, you must carry your registration card/ name badge or study material given to you when you attend the Workshop)

In case you want to bring a guest (friend or relative) to the Meeting, Guest Fees will be Rs.200/- per meeting.


For registration for the Bangalore Investors Forum, please send a separate email to with the following details – 

Name – 

Mobile Number – 

Email ID –

I am interested to to become a member of the Bangalore Investors Forum and will come for the Session on 2 July (Sun) at 6.10 pm to Jain College, Off JC Road, (by the side of Ravindra Kalakshetra) and pay the Membership Fees of Rs.1200/- by cash.


Blog meant for 16 June 2017 Friday

Dear friends,

The US Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.25% last night which resulted in Stock Markets all over the world falling. Nifty fell by 40 points to close below 9600 mark. Similar all Asian, European and US markets are trading negative.

As per 30 days moving average, Nifty is in Wait to Sell zone.
The indications for short term for individual stocks are as follows:


Wait to Sell – M&M

Sell – Asian Paint, Axis Bank, L&T

Don’t Buy –  LUPIN, BHEL, ONGC, SBI, Infosys, TCS

Today’s Question & Answer

Question – How to invest in the morning and sell in the evening and make a profit in shares?

Answer – Buying in the morning and selling on the same evening is usually called ‘day trading’ or intra-day trading. This is absolutely risky, requires a lot of monitoring throughout the day and is most of times loss making.

There are two kinds of people who invest in Stock markets – Investors & Traders

Investors are people who are have a business or are employed and invest their saved money in Stock Markets with the expectation of better returns than other instruments.

Traders are people whose main activity is trading is the Stock markets and they rely on the Stock Markets for their livelihood.

We are all Investors and hence Day trading is not meant for us nor are we suited for it. 

When we have compulsion to finish the trade by the end of the day, the particular stock has to move as we expect on that day or else we will lose money since the transaction has to be completed by the end of that day. Also, we will be very anxious since there will be lot of pressure on us since our performance is being judged in a single day.

It is just like a 20-20 Cricket match where the better team in the 40 hours will win the game irrespective of the talented players that the losing team may have. On the other hand, long term is investing is like a Test Match in Cricket in which the Attitude, Skills and Preparation of the players is tested over a longer duration.

We have seen thousands of investors who have lost money doing day trading. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may earn some money but usually over a few weeks and months, you would lost more money than earning.

Day trading is a complete No-no for investors and stick to investing for long term or do some short term trades but never with the intention of selling by the end of the day.

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra

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