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This is a specially designed for Students to improve their Memory, Concentration, Study Techniques, Rapid Reading, Effective Listening Skills, Overcoming Examination Fear, Studying Difficult Subjects, Dynamic Relaxation Techniques, Communications Skills

Making Students (12-19 years) SMARTER!

“This workshop is rarely conducted. Hence take advantage.”

Workshop Highlights

  • Sharpening memory, concentration and Will Power.
  • How to study different subjects and difficult subjects.
  • How to remember the whole text book.
  • At present your listening efficiency percentage.
  • The art of listening once in classroom and reproducing accurately by improving comprehension.
  • How to study for longer time with freshness.
  • Dynamic Relaxation.
  • Overcoming examination fear.
  • Rapid Reading and Understanding.
  • Time Management and Goal Setting.
  • How to plan the whole year of study effectively.
  • Your reading speed today and how to improve.
  • Communication Skills & Public Speaking.
  • Behaviour Modification Sessions.