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Dear Friend,
We have made our Stock Market Blog as Subscription based and only registered subscribers will receive the blog via email.
The blog will NOT be updated on the website.
The blog is meant ONLY for our Stock Market Workshop participants.
If you are not a participant of our Paid Workshop, then you will need to first attend our Workshop before being able to subscribe to our Blog and Newsletters.
If you want to subscribe to the blog, please email us on with the following details:
1. Name –
2. Mobile Number – 
3. Email ID given at time of attending the Stock Market Workshop – 
4. City of attending our Workshop – 
5. Year & Month of attending Workshop – 
6. Registration number given to you on your name tag (you would have also sent us a test mail with this number. So, you can refer to your old mail)
Please send us an email with ALL the above details so that we can verify that you have attended our Stock Market Workshop and accordingly subscribe you to the Blog.

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