About Us

Dr.Bharath Chandra

Winners Institute was founded by Dr. Bharath Chandra who is a Medical Doctor, Behavioral Therapist and Success Coach of International Repute. He has been conducting workshops on Personal Success in India, Far East, Middle East and Africa over the last 35 years.

Dr. Bharath Chandra is a very popular trainer and sought-after speaker and has the unique distinction of having addressed over 1 crore people from the stage apart from training 2,00,000 people from various walks of life.  Winners Institute offer various programs and workshop on various aspects like Memory, Time Management, Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Effective Communication and Studying skills, Stocks Markets etc. Winners Institute holds a legacy of 35 years and have benefited a lot of people. 

  • M.B.B.S from Mysore University.
  • Diploma in Acupuncture from Hong Kong in 1985
  • Fellow of the College of Independent practitioners.
  • Recognized trainer for training Judges, Police, Life Insurance Corporation, Income Tax, Nationalized Banks and many industrial houses.
  • Has been a Faculty for 40 batches of Judges in the Judicial Academy on topics such as Stress Management, Time Management, Goal Setting and Rapid Reading for the past 28 years.
  • Has won the “Aryabhata Award” in the category outstanding service in the field of Personality Development in 2007.
  • Is the First person to conduct Workshops in Kannada on Stock Markets and Personal Finance.
  • Is the First Medical Doctor to conduct Workshops on Personal Finance in India.
  • Specially featured in FM Radio in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait on topics of Self-development.
  • Has appeared in more than 350 Television and Radio programs in all leading channels in India and abroad.
  • Author of 29 popular titles of CDs and books on Self-development and Personal Finance. 
  • Author of three popular books on Self-development in English namely MOTIVATION PLUS, INSPIRATION PLUS, INJECTIONS etc. and one book PRERAKA NUDI MUTUUGALU in Kannada 
  • His CD “NIMMA HANA NAMMA SALAHE” is much sought after for its simple ideas to manage personal finances better.
  • Former Editor of SUCCESS DIGEST monthly magazine for Self- development for 8 years. 
  • Director Winners Institute Pvt.Ltd. conducting very popular programmes on total personality development called “WINNERS” in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Delhi, Chennai, Cochin and Hyderabad in India and Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Singapore for the last 35 years.
  • His workshops on “Stock Markets, Mutual Funds and Income Tax” are bringing about awareness about sound investing in the stock markets among the public. This is an essential assignment as most people in India are not knowledgeable about the benefits of investing in the long term. 
  • Has conducted over 1200 “Winners” Workshops on Personality Development and over 100 Workshops on Stock Markets, Mutual Funds and Income Tax. 
  • Has personally addressed over 1 crore people of various walks of life. His workshops have benefited professionals, businessmen, students, housewives and government officials.
  • Has addressed more than 800 Colleges, Schools and Universities entirely on charity basis on topics like “How to Study”, “How to Improve Memory and concentration”, “Rapid Reading” and “Effective Listening Skills.” 
  • Has been popularly nicknamed as “Dale Carnegie of India”. 
  • Chairman and trustee of Bharath Chandra Foundation, a charitable trust which has adopted a village called G.G.Pura near Nelamangala, Bangalore being responsible for water supply, education, economic development program, literacy of the villages, adoption of children for higher education and employment.

Rohan Bharath Chandra

Rohan Bharath Chandra is Masters of Finance from Monash University, Australia and National Stock Exchange Certified Financial Markets expert in India. He has personally addressed more than 18,000 people on Stock Market investments & Personal Finance during the past 8 years.

He is one of youngest people in the country to conduct public Workshops on investing in the Stock Markets & Managing Personal Finance.

Rohan co-writes a daily blog on Stock Markets which is read by more than 5,000 people everyday.

He has prior work experience in Ernst & Young which is a leading Accounting & Auditing company.

He has also previously worked in leading banks such as Standard Chartered Bank & Yes Bank.